Automotive Seating & Interiors TechTalk 2021 Attendees Include:

2020 Partners

“The 2020 webinar series was the perfect platform, bringing together those with challenges, and those with the answers. It’s an opportunity to share experiences, and for vital collaborations “
Director Global Innovation, Faurecia

“When the customer is dictating the change, it is important for the supplier structures – from tier ones to tier twos – to provide the solution”
Global Innovation Program Manager, Adient

Global Seating Materials & Technology Innovation

During these challenging and unprecedented times, WeAutomotive continue to work and engage meaningful within the global seating community across all tiers. Whilst across the industry physical meetings are postponed or cancelled, we continue to communicate with over 60,000 automotive seating professionals across the entire value and production chain, to present new information and technologies; to address the key and current challenges, and to advance new seating materials, systems and technology adoption.

As technologies such as autonomous driving disrupt the automotive industry, and drivers technological expectations become more advanced, seating is now one of the most strategic systems inside a vehicle. Following this years Global Automotive Lightweight Seating Congress in Detroit, the Webinar Series comprises of technical content-lead sessions, individually set out, to systematically address the design, material, manufacture and technological challenges of mass producing cost effectively – light, smart, automotive seating solutions.

The Global Automotive Lightweight Seating Portfolio is the only truly OEM authored, interactive forum, exclusively for the key decision makers driving seating innovation within OEMs, their Suppliers and their Tiers. Our focus is on the real current challenges of mass vs comfort vs durability, and the real common denominator – innovating while reducing cost and meeting regulations. This week long series of free to attend webinars, hosted by the industries leaders will take a comprehensive and technical view on new technologies, materials and manufacturing process across all faculties of seat production – including foam, comfort, trim, structure and mechanisms, core, manufacturing, assembly, seat complete and over-all interior design and integration, to provide participants with solid take away solutions, ideas and an opportunity to reconnect.

Recent Seating Webinars


SPRINGLIDE™ Energized Bearings: – Advancements In Plain Bearing Technology


Reinventing The In-Seat Experience With Touch Technology


Introduction To Rolok® HS®: A New Thread-Forming Fastener For High Strength Steels


Seating Highlights 2020 Innovation & Ingenuity


Innovative Joining Technologies To Enable Future Lightweight Seats


ZIEGLER Presents: Anti-Aging For Car Seats Multi-Layered Leather Backing Solutions To Enhance, Comfort-Durability-Sustainability

Recent Interior Webinars


Large Display Integrated In Seamless Interior Of The Future


Human-Centred Technologies For Smart Automotive Interiors


Analog Interiors in a Digital Future


Seamless Mobility – Materials For The Multifunctional Car Interior Of The Future


Switch Haptic & Sound For Car HMI, Present And Future Solutions


Disrupting The Car Experience With HMI : Haptic Technology & Design Flexibility For A Better User Experience

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Responsible Chemistry For Mobility Interior Surface Materials – Matching Trends, Performance & Environmental Footprint


Connecting The Puzzle Pieces To Pave A Way Towards A Circular Economy – Interior Acoustic Materials From Sandler

Industry Key Topics

The automotive seating industry is going through a foundational shift, with new thinking about how autonomous vehicles and mobility will influence new seating configuration abilities, key redesigns for safety, and how seating interacts with the vehicle. And with this transformation there remains a balance between safety, comfort, flexibility and durability.

This series of webinars features leading experts that will be sharing key though leadership about where the future of seating, and seat manufacturing is going:

  • Cockpit of the future – Defining the standards and requirements for future, safe, connected intelligent seating & discussing how to drive seat innovation through supply chain and partnerships
  • What does post-COVID19 look like for automotive seat manufacturing and the supply chain
  • Discussing the current seat challenges for BEV’s and how autonomous vehicles are reshaping automotive seating
  • Active Wellness Concepts, ‘Smart Seats‘ – Understanding how customer preferences and expectations for seats are changing, how to integrate contactless sensors, infrared & bluetooth to collect data on drivers physical and mental condition and modify the comfort system to best accomodate
  • Personalising comfort experiences utilising AI and the Cloud
  • The drive to cut weight – reviewing new structural materials and manufacturing processes for lightweight seats and discussing the opportunities for metal replacements with multi-material systems
  • Safety testing & meeting global regulations
  • Just-In-Time Assembly for automotive seat manufacturing
  • Structures & Mechanisms
  • Advanced Safety Solution for Smart Life: How to achieve individuals safety in all seated positions, new solutions for seat-belts/restrains and air bags
  • Achieving the right blend of comfort, safety and sustainability

Who Should Attend ?

• Core Seat Engineers & Supervisors • Project Chiefs • Seat Complete • Trim • Innovation • Seating Comfort • Ergonomics • Seating Cad • Product Engineering • Seat Design • Seating System Specialists • Foams • Automotive Interior Design • Seating Development • Safety & Regulation • Interior Technologies • Strategic Automotive Initiatives • Research & Development • Technologies Officers • Seat Development • Team Leaders • Industrial Design • Business Development • Tier 1 & Tier 2 manufacturers • Interior Research & Performance • Application Leads • Applications Engineers • Automotive Transport Design • Cabin Seat Engineers • Customer Teams • Seat Department Design Engineers • Directors of Advanced Engineering • Vice Presidents of Technology • Directors of Product and Portfolio Management • Global Premium Interiors Core Buyers • Product Design Research Interior • Styling Design Managers • Sr. Manager of Seats • Portfolio Development • Seat Engineering Teams • Seat Engineers • Seat Comfort • Seat Structures Engineer • Sr. Comfort Engineers • Sr. Product Managers • Seat Comfort • Advanced Systems • VPs of Product Development • VPs of Strategic Automotive Initiatives

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Keeping Automotive Manufacturing Globally Connected

If you would like to be involved as a presenter, panelist or to showcase your solutions or technologies directly to our exclusive global automotive seating community then please email us and we can tell you more about some of the innovative things we are doing, to keep the industry connected.

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